Long Arm Pricing

Hello my Quilty Friends!

I am re-launching my long-arm quilting services. I’d like to be very clear – I am still not quilting the quilts of other people, but if you would like to rent time on my machine it is $12.00 per hour of active sewing, with a minimum charge of $25, regardless of how little time you use.

I will help you load the machine, teach you the basics of using it, and provide support while you are quilting.

My machine is an 18″ Innova, which means you can quilt in about 11″ strips across your quilt from left to right. In the next little while I’ll be posting more details about what that looks like for people who have never used a long arm before. I am also going to start posting more about how many active hours of quilting my projects take.

If you have an idea of what you want to do with a quilt, text me a picture and let’s talk through it. I am happy to estimate how much time I think it will take and stand by that estimate if it takes longer than expected for any reason.

In the meantime, piece away, and I’ll be here to help you when you are ready to finish. Thanks for stopping by Jenny Sews.