Hexagon Corner Binding Tutorial, Outer Corner

If you are familiar with the mitered corner, this should be a breeze. I sort of wanted someone to hold my hand the first time I did it, just because it wasn’t the same angle as a normal corner. It turned out fine. I did it, and you can do it, too!

outer corner 1

Lay your binding down flush with the edge, like a normal binding.

outer corner 2

Fold the binding so it sticks out at a 90 degree angle from the center of the corner you are rounding.

outer corner 3

Fold the binding back down so it is flush with the rest of the corner as well.

outer corner 4 finger press

At this point I like to finger press my binding fold down in both directions. The finger press line will make a nice little guide for where to stop the needle when you are sewing it down, and where to start again.

outer corner 5

See that pretty little line? Hello line. Thanks in advance for your help.

outer corner 6

Needle down, sew the binding down to your finger press line. Sometimes I backstitch here, if I am feeling confident in who I am, and where I have stitched. Raise and remove the needle, and adjust your position so that you start sewing at the finger press line on the other side of your corner.

outer corner 7

Yes, that line there.

outer corner 8

Sometimes I backstitch here, too, if I am still feeling confident. Like on those days when I remember to brush my teeth AND wear deodorant.

outer corner 9

You should end up with a corner that looks like these.

outer corner 10

And you can fold that baby over, and sew it down by hand or machine, depending on what flips your skirt or how soon the Christmas present is due. This one was finished at 4:30 on a Christmas Eve, for the record.


Look at those sexy corners. Way to go!

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