Continuous Pioneer / Prairie Point Tutorial

This post is a prep post for a little puppet I made today. The first time I did pioneer points on a quilt, I cut a bazillion little squares, ironed them carefully and pinned them individually to the edge of my quilt. It was a royal pain. Later, I learned an easier strip method, which I would like to share.

Decide on the size of points you want. I made these for a very small project, so I did two inch square points, which ended up very small. For a normal baby quilt I usually do four inch squares. Whatever square size you decide to do, multiply that by two, and cut a strip of fabric of that width by the length of points you need. I started with a four inch strip. Iron it in half, and then cut to the fold every two inches on one side of your strip.

Next, stagger it starting half-way on the other side, one inch in this case, and snip to the fold again, trimming off the first and last little short pieces. I snipped by starting each cut with my quilting grid, and then finishing it with the scissors, so I had the accuracy of the grid, but I didn’t have to try to quit at the fold with a rotary cutter. Your snipped strip will look like this:

pioneer point 1

Next, fold your points. First, diagonally from one side,

pioneer point 2

And then from the other side.

pioneer point 3

It will look like this as it comes unfolded:

pioneer point 4

Now go iron each of those little babies down so they will behave themselves. They’ll look like this after you iron them:

pioneer point 5

Fold your points train in half, with the raw edges in the center, and baste together an 1/8th or a scant quarter of an inch from the edge.

pioneer point 6

Now you have those cute little triangles all ready to go.

You can also do a two-tone prairie point by sewing two strips of different colors together, which makes them alternate if you fold each point around the next one carefully.

Next up: something fun to do with these now that you have made them.

4 thoughts on “Continuous Pioneer / Prairie Point Tutorial

  1. Thanks for you comment over on my blog. I wanted to return the favor. I like this method you demonstrate–it would also save me bucks on that special ruler they sell at quilt shows to make scads of prairie points. This is waaaay better!

  2. Well… funny. I just finished ironing 6 billion little prairie points. This would have been better. 🙂 (Actually, I was using charm squares, so this wouldn’t have worked this time anyway, but I can’t wait to try it for next time!!!)

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