Quilted Ball

At Quilt Guild this month we made a quilted ball ornament. They are so pretty, and so easy. All you need are styrofoam balls, dressmaker pins, and scraps. I do recommend getting enough scraps, because I was one square shy of one color, and when I got home to finish, I had to make do with what I had. You can see my mismatch on the top right:

quilted ball

The only step left is to wrap and hot glue or pin a ribbon around the center of the ball to cover the pinned seam. I felt attracted to the balls that used significant changes in the color range, like from a bright or vivid color, to a white, and then another vivid. I also liked a monochromatic one in a tutorial that went from white, to white & red in a midtone, and then a dark red.

The first three tutorials on google were more than sufficient to answer any questions I had.

Crafter without a Cat’s Quilted Ball

Sew We Quilt’s Scrappy Quilted Ball

Make Stuff.com, Quilt Ball Ornament

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