Quiet Book Cover and Binding (Updated with more Pictures)

qb cover

*Update: I have also helped a friend bind hers now, and you can see an easier version of completing and binding the exchanged pages HERE now.

Here is my cover. It is a little big for the pages, but I’m still happy with it. My kids begged me to play with this, but I only let them play with it on Sundays, so it won’t get worn out too fast.

qb finished

If you ever want some practice binding and doing mitered corners, just decide to bind every page of a quiet book with your binding scraps. While it was a lot of extra work, I loved the way these page edges turned out.

Inner spine details…
completed quiet book (1)sm

I got the grommets andย loose leaf rings at Amazon (click the link to go to a page of them). The grommets are half inch, though you could easily go smaller, and the book rings are 2″, which seemed large to me at first, but with the thickness of bound pages, it is a great size.

completed quiet book (2)sm
Outer spine detail…
completed quiet book (14)sm

completed quiet book (4)sm

completed quiet book (10)sm

completed quiet book (5)sm

completed quiet book (6)sm

completed quiet book (7)sm

completed quiet book (8)sm

completed quiet book (9)sm

completed quiet book (11)sm

completed quiet book (13)sm

One word of warning: if the kids get too excited, it’s not actually that Quiet of a Book. I was shushing them quite a bit during church when they were playing with it because they both wanted it to themselves.

11 thoughts on “Quiet Book Cover and Binding (Updated with more Pictures)

  1. You finished?!! Wow, what a work of art! You were very ambitious indeed to bind all the edges like that. I have a felt book that I’ve been needing to put grommets in for about a year now. Maybe I’ll finally get around to it. Thanks for the tips!

    PS. I think I got my grommets at Ace in the sewing section. The St. George store would probably have them.

  2. Your last observation cracked me up, and let me know what a complete success your Quiet Book is! I actually have three of them–now over 30 years old–that our grandchildren like to rotate among themselves when they visit us for church. I really enjoyed this post–seeing the completed project (nice binding, by the way) and knowing how successful it all was. Congrats!

  3. Thanks Jennifer, for posting that. I did notice when I went to Home Depot that the Grommets there looked a lot sturdier than the ones I bought at Amazon.

  4. Thanks Jennifer for posting this… a friend of mine that I work with is organizing a ‘bunch of us” here to put together a QUIET BOOK, and I love the cover you have used with the grommets and the loose leaf rings…. it looks so neat! I can’t wait to get started!….

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  6. This is so cute but I have yet to figure it all out. I was wondering if there is any way you could share the pattern especially for the cover.

    • Melanie, I did not use a pattern. I just blew up my favorite puffy font on photoshop, traced it on my wonder under, and ironed it on. I could dig for the old pdf and see if I have it if you like? Sorry I have not checked my site in a long time!

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