Minky Quilt

I got a sewing referral through facebook recently, and I put two minky quilts together for my friend’s sister. It was simple piecework, but the stretchy minky fabric (aka cuddle fabric) was a little challenging.

minky quilt

Here is what I learned:

* Baste very carefully, someone mentioned basting spray, but I pinned and it was fine
* Use a walking foot
* Don’t backstitch because you might have to unpick
* Use a big quilting ruler/grid to flatten and smooth out the bottom and top before pinning

minky 2

I just sewed the squares together and quilted the front to the back. The fabric was so thick it didn’t really need batting, and rather than a separate binding I folded the back over twice and sewed it to the front. I love this paisley texture, isn’t it gorgeous?

4 thoughts on “Minky Quilt

  1. Have you ever made a weighted blanket? I am really interested in investing in one but I want it to have a unique design and I just love this quilt! You should try it 😊

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