Another Try at Landscape

When I made those three little quilts for my nieces last year, I realized that I wanted to make a bigger landscape quilt. One of my longtime friends really liked the purple and blue mountainy one, and I decided to try my hand at designing one from my own pattern.

Last spring I took a portraiture art class, and one of the key things I learned was how to look at shadows, and what colors to use for them. My professor showed us how in flesh tones, a nice dark purple color is the perfect shadow, and sometimes a dark green will work. I decided that I might like to try making one of the photographs I took of the Watchman in Zion National Park into a quilt. However, I’ve never made a more artistic quilt, so I wanted to warm up with something simple to test colors.

My husband and I went to shoot the moonrise because it’s pretty gorgeous around here, and when I got home and saw this picture, I knew it was the perfect inspiration for my next quilt’s colorway.

Okay, I know, the finished quilt looks nothing like this photo. Still, I enjoyed having a muse while I made it. I would love to figure out how to better capture a moonrise sometime.

Quilt #71

I finished this “Corona Quilt” a month or two ago. It is scrappy, and now lives on my bed. It turns out I had forgotten to put my daughter’s plaid quilt in my journal. Thus, the jump from #69 to #71.

Anyway, my friend and quilt mentor Sariah made one of these quilts a few years ago, and I love everything she does. I tucked the pattern in the back of my mind for something to try down the road. When the early quarantine happened, I started hacking away at these scraps. I finished it in August, which made this one of the fastest large quilts I have ever made. Typically a big, small pieced bed quilt will take me over a year. That just goes to show you how much therapy I needed during quarantine.

I am happy with how my feather quilting is coming along, and I liked my little flames on the mountains. You can also lay this quilt out as a Chinese lantern quilt. However, I thought that looked a little too much like a certain virus we are all trying to avoid like the plague. I decided to do a sunrise layout, and the quilt cheers me up every time I make my bed in the morning or climb into it at night.

Quilt #69

I finished this quilt. Did I tell you I keep a log of all the quilts I have ever made? My grandma told me to do that when I was in my early twenties, and at that point I had made few enough that I could remember them all and to whom they were given. For that reason, I know that this is the 69th quilt I have made. It is the first quilt I have tried to sell, though. I have another site called Honor Caregivers in which I share the stories of great people who take time out of their lives to care for other humans. The site that hosts it charges an annual fee to allow the site to be ad-free, so I have decided to consign this quilt in the hope that it will support my other passion project being ad free. When I told my mom about wanting to transition to ad-free, she sent me money to pay for the first year, so I’ve already had a lucky leg up there.

Hopefully this quilt will support my site next year. If not, I’ll just put it in Peach Days after Labor Day, and then give it to the next baby to show up in the family. Either way, win, win.

Sibling Rivalry: Quilt Edition

My sister-in-law gave me some cute boy scout fabric which was leftover from a quilt she made for her son. So I whipped it up into the quilt above, and gave it to my son (AKA First Middle Child) for his birthday.

It is birthday season at our house, as all four of my children have their birthdays within a fifty day window every year. Since First Middle Child’s birthday was in the middle, my daughter (The Oldest) saw the quilt and realized that she had to have one for her birthday, too. Unfortunately she told me this on the evening of her actual birthday. There may have been tears. Maybe.

So I benevolently let her pick a couple of fabrics, and make me a pinterest board, and this quilt is the result:

I saw the plaidish version from Kitchen Table Quilting and loved it immediately. My daughter is currently obsessed with Buffalo Plaid, and I thought this would be a nice nod to her interest. She really wanted to use that specific piece of Minky on the back, so we did it even though it wasn’t a perfect color match. I made up a rose quilting pattern, and she loved it. I think she even forgave me for the quilt being a few weeks late after her birthday.

Now Second Middle Child is lobbying for another quilt for himself. He already has his baby quilt, and he adopted three other boy quilts I have made for my boys in general. Thank goodness The Baby is too young to care!


I am working on another little quilt in my spare time. And by spare time I mean the laundry I usually complete on Monday is still sitting in baskets on my bed waiting to be folded because I was quilting instead. It’s the corona virus pandemic. We all have to do what we have to do to SURVIVE!

Anyhoo, here are some pictures. It is all quilted and just waiting for binding. I have the binding ready, but my dearest, best friend Bernina and her baby walking foot are in the shop being repaired.