Sibling Rivalry: Quilt Edition

My sister-in-law gave me some cute boy scout fabric which was leftover from a quilt she made for her son. So I whipped it up into the quilt above, and gave it to my son (AKA First Middle Child) for his birthday.

It is birthday season at our house, as all four of my children have their birthdays within a fifty day window every year. Since First Middle Child’s birthday was in the middle, my daughter (The Oldest) saw the quilt and realized that she had to have one for her birthday, too. Unfortunately she told me this on the evening of her actual birthday. There may have been tears. Maybe.

So I benevolently let her pick a couple of fabrics, and make me a pinterest board, and this quilt is the result:

I saw the plaidish version from Kitchen Table Quilting and loved it immediately. My daughter is currently obsessed with Buffalo Plaid, and I thought this would be a nice nod to her interest. She really wanted to use that specific piece of Minky on the back, so we did it even though it wasn’t a perfect color match. I made up a rose quilting pattern, and she loved it. I think she even forgave me for the quilt being a few weeks late after her birthday.

Now Second Middle Child is lobbying for another quilt for himself. He already has his baby quilt, and he adopted three other boy quilts I have made for my boys in general. Thank goodness The Baby is too young to care!