Stars and Diamonds

A good friend of mine finished getting her teaching degree and license, so I decided I had better make her a quilt. She had commented on liking this while it was a WIP, so I thought it must belong to her.

By the time I finished the quilt, she had taught for her first year, too. I think many of us know how that goes in quilting. I ended up giving it to her on her birthday, because it was the closest occasion to when I finished.

This quilt is based on one I saw on Pinterest from Pat Speth, but I made the blocks enormous to simplify, and I emphasized the negative space diamonds a bit more with the border.

Another fun fact in the history of this quilt is that many of the blocks came from a red white and blue block exchange we did at my quilt guild several years ago. I was so happy to finally finish this UFO.

For my Sister

This is a quilt I made for my sister in 2017. She was working on Nursing School, and it was really just time I made her a quilt. She has a bright, colorful, loving personality, so I wanted that to be reflected in this quilt.

An experienced quilter once told me at guild that she cuts her scraps into 2.5″ and 5″ squares to use in projects later. When she told me that, I started doing it, and ended up with many of the squares in this quilt coming straight out of my stash. I did buy a few half yards of solid color to help it tie together overall and have a bit of a theme.

This year, my sister graduated from nursing school, and recently passed her NCLEX. I could not be prouder of her, and I’m so glad I made this quilt for her to wrap her in my love while she finished her nursing school journey.

2016 Quilts

These are my Quilts from 2016.

They each went to someone I love very much, and have a story behind them.

The turquoise went to a friend who has not been blessed with her own children, but who is rearing her niece and nephew, and told me she was “expecting” again as a joke, because more of her siblings’ kids were coming to visit her as well.

The purple plus sign went to a friend who finished an educational program which was very challenging, and who was having a bit of a dark winter.

The scrappy one is for my sister. The photo of the full front truly doesn’t do its color justice. The braid quilting on the border represents sisterhood. It is one of my favorite quilts I have ever made. I almost couldn’t bear to give it away. Almost.

R2D2 Quilt

r2d2 quilt-1r2d2 quilt-2r2d2 quilt-4

This is my R2D2 8Bit Quilt. No, it is not worth $2. 8bit is an 80’s video game style which is now vintage or low resolution, depending on what camp you’re in. This quilt was inspired by an 8bit Star Wars quilt I saw on the internet several years ago. I can’t find the original link now, which makes me sad.

I made this for my true love. He and I are what you call “nerds in love,” and as you can see from the photos, our love tokens also attract our baby nerds.

Hack & 16 Patch Quilt

hacks2016-1Hello long lost blog friends! Today’s first hack is how to sew skinny elastic together on a sewing machine. Pin it to a square of fabric, and then you can cut the fabric off when you are done. I figured this out while making baby crib sheets.
My second hack is this. Cut all of your scraps into 2.5″ or 5″ squares for scrappy quilts later. Sort them by color. I started doing this after a friend at quilt guild told us that is what she does, and now that I have a few years of scraps cut, I can throw together 9 or 16 or whatever- patches any time I feel like it.
Isn’t my sewing table cute? My mom’s husband didn’t like it, so they were going to get rid of it. Naturally I had to adopt it.
This is the back of a quilt I made with scrap 2.5″ squares.
I sorted by color, including blacks/ grays, as well as a very colorful section, and a light neutral pile. Then I made blocks that were either complementary colors or close in the color wheel to each other.
For the first time, I read up on a few design rules, and learned that borders on quilts should not be larger than your blocks. I did an inner and outer border. Of all of the quilts I have designed from scratch this might be my favorite. It pays to learn the rules and follow them occasionally, I guess.