Another Try at Landscape

When I made those three little quilts for my nieces last year, I realized that I wanted to make a bigger landscape quilt. One of my longtime friends really liked the purple and blue mountainy one, and I decided to try my hand at designing one from my own pattern.

Last spring I took a portraiture art class, and one of the key things I learned was how to look at shadows, and what colors to use for them. My professor showed us how in flesh tones, a nice dark purple color is the perfect shadow, and sometimes a dark green will work. I decided that I might like to try making one of the photographs I took of the Watchman in Zion National Park into a quilt. However, I’ve never made a more artistic quilt, so I wanted to warm up with something simple to test colors.

My husband and I went to shoot the moonrise because it’s pretty gorgeous around here, and when I got home and saw this picture, I knew it was the perfect inspiration for my next quilt’s colorway.

Okay, I know, the finished quilt looks nothing like this photo. Still, I enjoyed having a muse while I made it. I would love to figure out how to better capture a moonrise sometime.

Corona Quilt WIP

A few years back my friend Sariah made the cutest mountain quilt. I can’t remember what she called it, but HERE is the pattern. I have wanted to make a scrappy version of it every since. Now that the entire world is quarantined, and many of the quilt shops are closed, I got my chance!

Another lady in my quilt guild had done the pattern in the form of lanterns and it hung in our Peach Days community celebration last year.  I loved how she arranged her blocks, and I was thinking of finishing this one similarly. Then I looked at it and realized it looks like the Corona Virus! Well, after a few weeks of homeschooling, deep cleaning my fridge, reading every book in my house, and worrying about all of my friends and family getting sick I decided a big nope on that pattern for this time frame.


IMG-7499(1)I played around with it until I had a bit of a color gradient, and decided on a sunrise pattern. This is a side view, and I’m working on a time lapse of the process to make it.  I still have to do the outer borders, which will also be scrappy.  I can not wait to share it when it is done.