5 thoughts on “WIP to FO!

  1. Yes, I did. Thanks! I was going to machine bind it, too, but I accidentally sewed the binding to the front instead of the back, so I hand-tacked it down. That was good, because it took more time, and I need lots of things to take up all of my time right now!

  2. Oooooo! Can I have that one? If not, I suppose I might actually be able to handle making something with half-square triangles. When you machine quilt, do you just squiggle around randomly, or is there a pattern you trace on? I’ve always wondered.

    And I FREAKING LOVE your crib bumpers. I was almost squealing when I saw what you did. I am a total under-the-sea fanatic. Half the doodles from my childhood looked just like that–with the octopus, fish, curly waves and seaweed. Swoon!

  3. Melissa, I do just squiggle randomly. Sara suggested that I draw what I wanted a few times first, so my hands got some muscle memory, and that has helped with issues of uniformity. I know a lot of the pros do use stencils.

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