Stylish Blogger Award

My awesome friend Lindsay of the esteemed Linz Sews gave me this award. She has all sorts of awesome projects going on right now, so check her out! I am excited about this award because I more often consider myself frumpy than stylish:

Thank you Linz! I love your blog and you and consider this a great honor.

Included in the award is the opportunity to share 7 things about me, and share 6 blogs I also think deserve this award, so here we go!

7 things about me.

1. I have recently had a birthday, and I really enjoyed being wished Happy Birthday every few minutes on facebook for the first few hours and throughout the day because I am something of an email junkie.

2. On my birthday, when my husband asked what was the best thing that happened to me all year. I said, “Giving birth naturally for the first time.”

3. On my birthday, when my husband asked what was the worst thing that happened to me all year. I said, “Giving birth naturally for the first time.”

4. My favorite color is orange. For many years it was blue, but it has changed. Maybe it has to do with being over 30? I don’t know.

5. My nose is crooked, and it drives me crazy.

6. I love the book Jane Eyre, and have read it more times than almost any other book.

7. I have a hard time deciding what my favorite food is, because that is sort of like having to pick a favorite child or sibling when you have many and they are ALL my favorite.

I would like to dub the following blogs as stylish:

I just discovered this one today: How About Orange?  Jessica also likes orange, and designs textiles and graphics. Awesome!

I discovered Elizabeth’s Occasional Piece—Quilt shortly after I started this blog, when I was surfing quilting tags and trying to figure out wordpress. I was initially attracted by her amazing polka dot circle paper pieced wheels quilt. I also enjoy other quilty subjects she writes about.

This is my friend Melissa’s blog: The Yoder’s Four. She makes awesome jewelry, and she also posts about the fun colors she paints her house and various delightful sewing and/or design projects.

Crazy Mom Quilts has many awesome references and tutorials. I like hers and other blogs who have taken the “process pledge,” which means they blog not only completed projects, but things that illuminate the quilting process they use.

Pots and Pins is a quilting and cooking blog, which I have loved for several years.

I don’t remember how I found Greenleaf Goods, but her post today was on bibs and the Hunger Games series, so I know that she must be awesome like Lindsay and me, in that she loves sewing AND reading. I think I may initially have been attracted to her groovy header, but there is a lot to like over there, so I’m not sure.

4 thoughts on “Stylish Blogger Award

  1. Thanks, Jen!!! I’m honored! You are an awesome blogger and seamstress and I love checking in to see what you’re up to. We really should have hung out more when I lived in Hurricane….at least we’ll always have the internet.

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