Block of the Month / WIP

I just finished March’s block of the month for quilt guild. I did this one in red, so now I have green, orange, and red.  I am thinking each block will be monochromatically themed, and will result in a rainbow quilt.
red half square triangles

This is my blue scrap stack for April’s, which is a fan block:

I just love fabric.

4 thoughts on “Block of the Month / WIP

  1. Do you have a sewing room? Because I don’t see how you can keep producing as you do if you don’t. I’m trying to sew right now and as a consequence nobody has a place to sit or eat or walk.

    Love the cherry fabric! And your blue scrap stack!

    • Yes, we have an addition on the back of my house which was Alex’s home office until he opened his shop. It is awesome. I can just go snatch minutes at a time!

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