How to Weave Felt

I have taken a break from making my own quiet book, and I have joined a quiet book exchange. Each member makes 15 of a specific page. We all do a different page, and then exchange so we have a complete book. I love the efficiency of this method.

I am doing a laundry page with little clothespins, and a basket, and I am going to work with a friend who will do a felt doll page, and some of the clothes. I thought I would post the process of weaving the felt for the basket. I learned this trick from the pie-making page of my Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, so you can do this with felt, or pie crust.

basket weave (1)-web
Lay out your horizontal felt strips.
basket weave (2)-web
Place your first vertical strip underneath every alternating horizontal strip.
basket weave (3)-web

Now, fold back (to the left) the strips that are underneath your first vertical strip.

basket weave (4)-web

Then place your next vertical strip next to your first one, snugging it as close as you can.

basket weave (5)-web

Replace the strips you folded back earlier.

basket weave (6)-web

basket weave (7)-web

Now fold back the strips that are underneath vertical strip 2.

basket weave (8)-web

And place vertical strip 3.

basket weave (9)-web

Replace the horizontals again.

basket weave (10)-web


basket weave (11)-web


basket weave (12)-web


basket weave (13)-web


basket weave (14)-web

Stabilize with your best friend, Pellon.

basket weave (15)-web

And place on your page. (Or pie.) You did it! I’ll post a picture of my page when it is done. My mini-clothes pins are so cute. I can’t wait to make some little felt clothes to pin. You can get the pins on or from a craft store. The shipping on Amazon made them about twice as expensive as my local store, Roberts.

4 thoughts on “How to Weave Felt

  1. I love that you are blogging this. I did a post for our RS blog (email me for the link) about a quiet book that one of our young moms did. It’s all separate pages that buckle together for transport. I’d never seen one like that!

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