Quiet Book Exchange

Our deadline for the quiet book was Wednesday this week, so we got together at my house and exchanged.


Check out all of these awesome pages.




My husband thinks it would be amusing to cut little gray rectangles out of felt so that the truck could go on blocks, too, if we want, since the tires all come off the buttons and go in the pocket.


The laundry page was mine, as you may have noticed. I asked one of my friends to do the paper doll page so she could put the clothes in my basket, and I could make clothes that would be fun to play with on two different pages. I LOVE how this entire project turned out.

After everyone left, I went through my stack of pages and played with each one, and I had the most juvenile grin on my face. You couldn’t wipe my smile off with a whiny three-year-old. I have ordered grommets and book rings so I can bind it that way. Then I can unclip and let each kid have a few pages at a time. I am totally doing this again next year, though. I would love to have a book for each child, and this method would make it so attainable.

11 thoughts on “Quiet Book Exchange

  1. This is amazing! Is it okay to link this to our RS page? I love the laundry page–makes me want to re-do mine (but I have no more little kids!). So fun to see this come together. Well done!

  2. That is totally why I did another group exchange. One book is definitely not enough and the process of exchanging makes it a little more fun ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for your awesome page.

  3. This is a great idea!! My friends and I are going to do one and I was wondering what dimensions you used and if everyone had the same background fabric and how you put it all together?
    Any advice would be much apprieciated. Thanks

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