Annual Post?

Looks like I am going to be posting annually on this blog for awhile. I would say it is that fourth baby, but really it was the third. Also, reading, summer, photography, and pretty much every other passion in my life take their own chunks of time.

I felt like I was in a quilting funk for awhile this spring. I went to HMQS, and enjoyed Judi Madsen’s fantabulous feathers class, and another great class on borders. I used both classes as I finished the autumn colored quilt below. When I got home, I realized that my funk is because I keep doing other people’s quilts, and I have not been finishing my own projects. I have resolved to finish more of my own things for awhile before I accept any new clients or projects. Still, I have got a lot done, so I will share a few here.

This first quilt is one I am finishing because a friend in quilt guild passed away. It is from the Y2K, and it involved an amazing block exchange from around the world. I felt so grateful her family allowed some of us to finish things. I knew this would be a good way for me to work through my grief. I just quilted it, and I will soon be binding it. Then my guild will donate it to a local charity of some sort.


Aren’t these blocks from around the world delightful? I wish there were some way to contact the people who made them and let them know where one of their blocks ended up.

IMG_9276This following quilt has been a dream for me. One of my quilting mentors has a talented daughter, and I shop her amazing nursery regularly to adopt plants for my garden. She pieced and embroidered this beautiful quilt and allowed me to do the quilting.
Ali Reynolds Autumn Oak02

Ali Reynolds Autumn Oak08 Ali Reynolds Autumn Oak12I learned the triangle detail above at my borders and fill class at HMQS. I love it!
Ali Reynolds Autumn Oak14Pay no attention to the poor orange bunny face down in the corner of the picture above.

This last small baby quilt is for a good friend. I made it for her because she had a little girl this spring, and it helped me practice feathers and acorn leaves for the autumn one above. It has the distinction of being the only thing of my own I have finished in a long time. Time to change that trend!

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