Eye Spy Quilt

In my non-sewing life I am a realtor, and one of my awesome clients gave me a bunch of eye spy quilt kits already cut out. Well, I have some nieces who live so far away, and it drives me crazy that I only see them on the internet. I knew where this quilt had to go.

2019 MarleyRyanFerron-1

I combined a couple of them so I could make it bigger, since they are growing girls. I made it checkered, with predominantly colored and then mostly white blocks. It worked out great.

2019 MarleyRyanFerron-2

I played and played with how to quilt it, and finally settled happily on this floral pattern. This quilt is about 60 by 67 inches, and it took about two hours to quilt on my machine, not including time to load it and unload it.

2019 MarleyRyanFerron-3

Then I decided on polka dot binding, because you can’t really go wrong with that.  I hope they will love it and feel a little hug from me when they wrap up in it. Thank you, Linda! Now I have to decide if I want to try to drive all that way and give it to them in person, or mail it …

2019 MarleyRyanFerron-4

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