Tip + a Finished Object

Just a little note to let you know I am still here, and I still intend to post a tutorial of the Dresden skirt above very soon! My daughter wears it two days in a row every time I let her. I think it is because I allowed her to pick the fat quarters I used. Also, it’s a dang cute skirt if I do say so myself.

For now, until I have time to photograph the steps to make the Dresden Skirt, I’ll share a completed project and a little tip.

I finished the quilt below using the easy double hourglass tutorial on Cluck Cluck Sew. Love how it turned out, and I gave it to a nephew for Christmas. For some reason I always finish projects better when they are for someone else.

double hourglass

Tissue Box or Trash?

And my tip for today is, don’t throw away tissue boxes. Use them for a sewing table garbage can. They hold threads and little unusable scraps of fabric much better than the flannel side of the project you are working on. Or your sweatpants.

Happy Sewing!

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