Santa’s Workshop Show n Tell

Santa Quilt-1
I am so excited to have finished this quilt. I have been working on it for quite a few years. I can’t even remember how many at this point. I instantly fell in love with these panels when I went to my local quilt shop and bought the big one and the little squares.

I decided to make it a window quilt after seeing some cute ones done with panels at quilt guild. It’s a long story, and I posted a video about it on my youtube channel, but here are a couple of photos of the things that kept me stumped. It’s funny how it turned out that just a few simple fill in blocks finished it up nicely.

Santa Quilt-2

I got the whole quilt finished and bound, and then realized that I hadn’t quilted in one tree, and I had quilted the other one, so I had to re-load it on my long arm  machine for five little triangles. Oh well, it was completely worth it. I’m so happy it’s complete. Merry Christmas!

Santa Quilt-3

Under the Sea Crib Bumpers

under the sea
This is a little blast from my sewing past. When I was pregnant with my oldest, I wanted to make some crib bumpers that would be non-gender specific in order to use it again and again. I didn’t account for a few facts:

* I love to sew
* I was inexperienced and bound to make mistakes when not using a pattern
* After a couple of kids, it’s nice to change things up a little

So I could use a new crib bumper now, even though this under the sea one has served me pretty well. Luckily, since I am too exhausted, my beautiful and talented sister in law will be putting something together to go with the maze quilt, but before Under the Sea retires, I thought I’d share.


I was immensely pleased with my little sea creatures. I googled coloring pages for a sea horse, and I drew the octopus free-hand and cut them out in felt. I had those tiny buttons in my stash, and they made great eyes. If I did it over again, I would change a few things:

* I would make ties on the top and bottom of each panel, as well as intermittently. The first bumper I made had just one tie at the top corner of each of the four sides. They hung okay, but could have used more support.
* I would buy the good felt instead of the cheap stuff. These have only been washed a few times, and they looked much worse after each washing.
* I might do something more scrappy, because the strong turquoise in this one didn’t ever really match or even remotely mesh with any of the decorations or other quilted things I made for either child.


I liked the way these little yellow fish turned out. I love texture. I only embellished the side that I would see standing from the side of the crib. The other sides, I overstuffed with doll batting, and quilted in waves:


I almost liked these sides as much as I liked the one that took all the energy. Almost. 😉

Pants to Skirt re-fashion

I once found a pair of limey green stretch corduroy pants for $4.50, and they fit, although the waist was a little generous and low for me. I bought them, and just wore a long shirt with them to cover my low-riding. I was thinking the pants would make  a great maternity skirt with that generous waist, so I googled and found this tutorial. I was really happy with the results:



Since I didn’t use a pair of baggy jeans, I had to improvise in the back. I made a little two layer ruffle to fill the gap where the former pant legs came apart. It made a good mid-maternity skirt. I am now far too fat for it. Still, I’m happy to have only two weeks left until my due date!

Tired of Naked Dolls? Me, too.

Vidia and Rosetta

Do you ever get tired of naked dolls lying around your house? Me, too. My friend suggested the other day that nail polish could solve some of my woes, so Tinkerbell and her friends got camis. I find it strange that Disney can paint on some panties, but ignore other areas of concern for conservative parents like myself.

doll skirt 1

This is a cute retro bride doll my mom gave my daughter, and some small children in my house pretty much shredded her beautiful wedding gown. She is too anatomically correct to be leaving around on the ground. However, she was also a little tall to be curing with nail polish. So I made a quick spandex shirt, and a drawstring skirt.

doll skirt2

“Hello, My name is Susan, and I have recently left the nudist colony.”

It’s Not a Girl

I accurately predicted the gender of my first two children, so when I decided that this third one was a girl, I felt very sure that I was right again.

I finished a lovely pink quilt, which took two years total after sitting in the UFO pile for a long time. I call it “Pink Headache,” because headache is what will happen after looking at it for too long.

very pink quilt

Well, I was wrong. This baby will not be getting a headache from HIS quilt. Since I found out late that I was wrong, I wanted something easy and quick, and I have had the itch to do some stripping (hehe, I love to make quilter jokes about stripping. I’m a nerd), so I made up this maze quilt for him:

maze quilt

maze quilt detail 1

maze quilt detail 2

I cut random widths between 2 and 3-1/2 inches, and put white between each one. I laid them out with white filler strips, then snipped a spot in each scrappy strip and put in a white spacer.

For the path through the maze I used a Doll Needle
and some blue pearl cotton. I used Minky fabric on the back, because my sister always does that, and her children worship blankets with that stuff. My nephew confirmed to me that the fuzz will be well received, because he walked over and wrapped himself in the thing before I even had it bound. It was a gratifying moment.