Jenny’s Daughter Sews

I didn’t really feel the Halloween spirit this year until my daughter emerged wearing the awesome Kyoshi Warrior Costume she made. She was inspired by a group of female warriors in Avatar the Last Airbender. She invoked Suki, and I think she nailed it!

She used an old sweatshirt she had cut up for a shirt pattern, some soft and stable we got from By Annie for the shoulder armor blades. I think part of the skirt pattern was from a library book. I am so proud that all of her practice has lead her here. She made the headdress out of cardboard, and the fans were from a local store called The Gypsy Emporium. She just spray painted them gold with the head piece.

She is getting to be a great seamstress, and I love that she can have a vision and make it come to life.

Stitch Hack: Scooting Trousers Shred Saver

Some of you are aware of my son’s interesting way of getting around. His scooting has lead to the following problem:

Which lead me to hack the following solution:bumshoew

The Bum Shoe, as I have designated it, has already saved three other pair of trousers from certain doom this week alone.
If I were a Doofenshmirtzian Evil Scientist, I would probably call it the Bum Shoe-enator. But for now, I am not, and mostly just calling it awesome.

Underwire Fix

At the risk of offending my most conservative of readers, I’d like to share a stitch hack I was pretty excited about this week. One of my favorite nursing … pieces of attire … popped the underwire, which disabled its support and caused it to keep poking me under the arm. I was inspired to try to fix it by this post by my friend Zina.

This has happened to me before, and I got rid of the offending bra, thinking it was ruined. However, borrowing from the philosophy of darning, I did this:

underwire fix

And I am back in business. Hooray!

Now I need to hurry and post something else, so when I go for a month without blogging again this won’t be the first thing on my family friendly blog.

Incidentally, I have no problem not blogging for a month, because I think it is silly to blog when you don’t have anything to say. Also, I think adjusting from two to three children covers a multitude of blogging sins.

Pants to Skirt re-fashion

I once found a pair of limey green stretch corduroy pants for $4.50, and they fit, although the waist was a little generous and low for me. I bought them, and just wore a long shirt with them to cover my low-riding. I was thinking the pants would makeĀ  a great maternity skirt with that generous waist, so I googled and found this tutorial. I was really happy with the results:



Since I didn’t use a pair of baggy jeans, I had to improvise in the back. I made a little two layer ruffle to fill the gap where the former pant legs came apart. It made a good mid-maternity skirt. I am now far too fat for it. Still, I’m happy to have only two weeks left until my due date!