Underwire Fix

At the risk of offending my most conservative of readers, I’d like to share a stitch hack I was pretty excited about this week. One of my favorite nursing … pieces of attire … popped the underwire, which disabled its support and caused it to keep poking me under the arm. I was inspired to try to fix it by this post by my friend Zina.

This has happened to me before, and I got rid of the offending bra, thinking it was ruined. However, borrowing from the philosophy of darning, I did this:

underwire fix

And I am back in business. Hooray!

Now I need to hurry and post something else, so when I go for a month without blogging again this won’t be the first thing on my family friendly blog.

Incidentally, I have no problem not blogging for a month, because I think it is silly to blog when you don’t have anything to say. Also, I think adjusting from two to three children covers a multitude of blogging sins.

5 thoughts on “Underwire Fix

  1. I am laughing out loud, and maybe it’s because I was already in a laughing mood, or maybe it’s because that piece of denim is so beautifully and neatly placed, or maybe it’s because I know exactly what it’s like to accidentally leave the least favorable post on the front page the longest. Anyway, congratulations on the save. Well done!

  2. Love your stitch hack! I had to do some renovation on all my bras because the straps kept falling down–so I moved the straps an inch closer into the center of my back and saved the offending article of clothing! yay!

    This post is great!

  3. Nothing offensive about fixing a bra, I feel sorry for the readers that would offend… anyways.. love the fix.. sometimes I rip the wire out.. then it does not hold “em” up right… great job.. bras are not cheap.. save on bra purchase.. more fabric eh?

  4. Darling Jenny, I hope that “your girls” take better to being rubbed by denim than mine would. Perhaps flannel, a bit of an old slip or something a little softer next time?
    You did do an admirable job of it, though. And I bet the cotton will be nice. Absorbent.

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