Red and White WIP

These are some blocks I made for a quilt for my husband’s baby sister. She is having a baby. She doesn’t know the gender, but I don’t really mind, because I make the quilt for the mom, not the baby, now. That way I don’t have to get overwhelmed trying to keep up with all of the quickly proliferating nieces and nephews.

plus one

I was originally going to have a vote on here for which style of arrangement, but she liked the geometric one below best, so that is how it will be. For these I just sewed together three strips, and cut them at 45 degree angles. It’s like the hourglass from cluck cluck sew, except with three instead of two strips.

red and white geometric

I am open to suggestion on borders, though. I don’t have a ton of scraps, so I might have to go buy some more fabric. Darn.

5 thoughts on “Red and White WIP

  1. I love it. The red works with a boy or a girl so well. I love it when you show the options for different arrangements with the same blocks.

  2. LOVE it! Both layouts are great, but I think I really like the geometric one too! SO pretty! What a fun stripping (hahaha) quilt! I want to make one! 🙂

  3. I have a pile of red and white fabrics for Madelyn’s “baby” quilt. Ummmm… that she’s 6 1/2 I think I’d better get started. I’ve been waffling on patterns for the longest time. Love both of your versions!

  4. Okay, I’m voting for the top layout, where you can see the inner triangles pop red against white. I know my vote doesn’t really count, but I thought I’d cast it anyway.
    Why borders? Just do a binding and call it good–although, depending on the size of the blocks, need another row. Just my .02. Looking good!

    • I was with you on the layout, but my SIL picked the blocky one based on the cell pictures I sent her. I also would leave the borders off, but since it is for her and not the baby, I need a few more inches so she can cover up enough to take a nap under it. Have you ever heard that quilter tradition of taking a nap under every quilt you finish before you give it away? I’ve never been able to verify its authenticity, but I do it, and the more children I have, the harder it is to “finish” a quilt.

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