Easy Baby Boy Quilt

I am not going to take the trouble of explaining how to sew this quilt, because it is so easy that you can just look at it. I picked a fabric I just loved cut it in six inch strips, and then I grabbed 6″ scrap strips from my stash to fill in for a striped quilt. This is for my sewing buddy, who just gave birth two weeks early and is therefore now excused from producing anything else other than a mostly clean, fed child for the next six to twelve months.

I used my water soluble pencil and drew this robot on one stripe (because she and her hubs are geeks like my hubs and me),

lori m fall 2011 (8)

And this boat on another stripe,

lori m fall 2011 (4)

Then I used my walking foot to stitch the ditches and halfway points, then I free-motion quilted my two little drawings. I bound it with scraps of binding from my bag o binding scraps. I like to think I could have finished that by her due date if I had been allowed to do so. Easy peasy!

lori m fall 2011 (6)

Red and White WIP

These are some blocks I made for a quilt for my husband’s baby sister. She is having a baby. She doesn’t know the gender, but I don’t really mind, because I make the quilt for the mom, not the baby, now. That way I don’t have to get overwhelmed trying to keep up with all of the quickly proliferating nieces and nephews.

plus one

I was originally going to have a vote on here for which style of arrangement, but she liked the geometric one below best, so that is how it will be. For these I just sewed together three strips, and cut them at 45 degree angles. It’s like the hourglass from cluck cluck sew, except with three instead of two strips.

red and white geometric

I am open to suggestion on borders, though. I don’t have a ton of scraps, so I might have to go buy some more fabric. Darn.

It’s Not a Girl

I accurately predicted the gender of my first two children, so when I decided that this third one was a girl, I felt very sure that I was right again.

I finished a lovely pink quilt, which took two years total after sitting in the UFO pile for a long time. I call it “Pink Headache,” because headache is what will happen after looking at it for too long.

very pink quilt

Well, I was wrong. This baby will not be getting a headache from HIS quilt. Since I found out late that I was wrong, I wanted something easy and quick, and I have had the itch to do some stripping (hehe, I love to make quilter jokes about stripping. I’m a nerd), so I made up this maze quilt for him:

maze quilt

maze quilt detail 1

maze quilt detail 2

I cut random widths between 2 and 3-1/2 inches, and put white between each one. I laid them out with white filler strips, then snipped a spot in each scrappy strip and put in a white spacer.

For the path through the maze I used a Doll Needle
and some blue pearl cotton. I used Minky fabric on the back, because my sister always does that, and her children worship blankets with that stuff. My nephew confirmed to me that the fuzz will be well received, because he walked over and wrapped himself in the thing before I even had it bound. It was a gratifying moment.