It’s Not a Girl

I accurately predicted the gender of my first two children, so when I decided that this third one was a girl, I felt very sure that I was right again.

I finished a lovely pink quilt, which took two years total after sitting in the UFO pile for a long time. I call it “Pink Headache,” because headache is what will happen after looking at it for too long.

very pink quilt

Well, I was wrong. This baby will not be getting a headache from HIS quilt. Since I found out late that I was wrong, I wanted something easy and quick, and I have had the itch to do some stripping (hehe, I love to make quilter jokes about stripping. I’m a nerd), so I made up this maze quilt for him:

maze quilt

maze quilt detail 1

maze quilt detail 2

I cut random widths between 2 and 3-1/2 inches, and put white between each one. I laid them out with white filler strips, then snipped a spot in each scrappy strip and put in a white spacer.

For the path through the maze I used a Doll Needle
and some blue pearl cotton. I used Minky fabric on the back, because my sister always does that, and her children worship blankets with that stuff. My nephew confirmed to me that the fuzz will be well received, because he walked over and wrapped himself in the thing before I even had it bound. It was a gratifying moment.

6 thoughts on “It’s Not a Girl

  1. I LOVE that quilt! So cute!! Simple, but really fun! My kids love that minky too, even though I think it’s a nightmare to work with! 😉

    I love the pink quilt too. No headache for me!!!

  2. Jenny, I reorganized my kitchen tonight. Now that it’s done, I realize that the wall above the counterspace is ugly. It has two different colors of paint on it. It needs “sumpin.”

    Please offer ideas for WHAT.

    I prefer black and white. Perhaps a little green or tan. But mostly black and white. Suggest, please?

    • Could you send me a picture on that? I am not above framing favorite fabrics. I did that with some old embroidery hoops and Dick and Jane fabrics in my son’s room, and loved the effect.

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