Quick Quilt + Batting Scraps Tip

Ever wonder what to do with all of your million strips of leftover batting? Well, you should pull out your basting spray, and make a very small quilt that is batted with strips. Basting spray and strips of batting are a match made in heaven.


First, take your backing outside so you can get it nice and dirty on the cement in your back yard. Spray basting spray on it, and then arrange your strips edge to edge.


Next, spray the batting. Fold your quilt top in half, and spread / smooth it over your batting, then smooth your way from the fold up to the top. Basting spray is really forgiving. You if you get a wrinkle you can just pull up the fabric and smooth it down again. They should make something like that for skin.


After you’re all basted together, call your sister who likes to free-motion quilt, and enslave her to finish the quilting while you watch and eat bonbons.


I did bind this quilt, but I forgot to photograph it finished. It was in my UFO pile for a long time, and finally someone is due with a boy at a convenient time for me to finish it. I love how quickly a quilt comes together when the top is just one block. One. Done. Fun.

4 thoughts on “Quick Quilt + Batting Scraps Tip

  1. Eureka! I’m so happy you posted this. I have millions of batting scraps and somewhat of a dislike for ragtime (although, I’ll do it…)!! I have never used basting spray – but I’m going to buy some today! THank you !! Oh, and tell your sister that I love her free motion on that quilt! So cute! and I love that quilt! SO cute!!!

  2. So–over time how does this hold up? I mean I know all our battings now really hold together, but do they migrate or shift? I used to sew them by hand–but I think your method sounds so much easier.

  3. I have just started using this method, and I have given the quilts away, so I guess I should have made one for me and washed it a bunch first to find out? I assumed they would hold up fine since it was machine quilted pretty close together. I’ll have to check with the recipients.

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