Stitch Hack: Scooting Trousers Shred Saver

Some of you are aware of my son’s interesting way of getting around. His scooting has lead to the following problem:

Which lead me to hack the following solution:bumshoew

The Bum Shoe, as I have designated it, has already saved three other pair of trousers from certain doom this week alone.
If I were a Doofenshmirtzian Evil Scientist, I would probably call it the Bum Shoe-enator. But for now, I am not, and mostly just calling it awesome.

See How Family Friendly?

I came upon this right before bedtime tonight:

bedtime for sock monkey

Aren’t my children the sweetest little miniature parents? I won’t mention the fact that I had to set a timer for “turns” to prevent them from ripping this monkey in half earlier in the day.