Halloween 2021: Owl House, Free Guy, & Cruella

Capelet for an Owl House student costume.

I didn’t spend a ton of time sewing this Halloween because I am in graduate school. Between teaching and studying, I just haven’t make sewing a big priority. However, this young man wanted to be a student from the school in Owl House, so I made him a little capelet. His dad made that snazzy staff topper with him. They sculpted the owl from foam, coated it in some crunchy stuff, and painted it. I thought it turned out amazing.

Guy & Molotov girl from Free Guy

The only other thing I did was cut the sleeves off of my husband’s blue shirt for a Guy costume from Free Guy and hem them. I thought our costumes turned out well, and they were almost effortless.

Cruella De Vil
A very serious costume indeed.

This girl, on the other hand, was not interested in “effortless.” She spent a lot of money on materials and a lot of time on construction. She created this Cruella De Vil costume from her own design and imagination based on a costume from the movie. Unfortunately the fabric she really wanted was sold out of every JoAnn in the Rocky Mountains, as well as their online offerings. Nevertheless, she persisted and made this great costume. She took these photos herself, and I was forbidden from posting them until she had them up on her own Instagram account for an acceptable amount of time first. I’m so proud of her. I love watching her create.