WIP Wednesday

This is my first time trying WIP Wednesday, after watching it on a few of my favorite blogs for awhile. Thanks for doing it, Lee!

I helped a friend sew some costumes awhile back, and she gave me a little photo book as thanks with a sweet quote about sewing on the front, so one of my WIPs is this little book:

quilts book

Keeping a history of my quilts was also inspired by my grandmother, who hand quilted for many years and did over a thousand quilts. I calculated that out, and it is one a week for over 37 years. She is 80+, so I believe, even though that is an incredulous number. I was also inspired by Elizabeth at Occasional Piece and Quilt. You can see her progress on a quilt journal today on WIP Wednesday, too!

Below is the flimsy for an aloha quilt I started a couple of days ago. Sometimes it is nice to just sew squares together. Especially if someone else cut them out, and sold them to your best friend for $2 at the swap meet on Oahu. I often feel like I get nothing done lately, but this is coming together in no time.


I’m also still working on the block of the month for quilt guild, and added a yellow block. I am a few months behind, but maybe now that school has started I will catch up.

rainbow blocks

I’m excited to go see some more works in progress, check them out at Freshly Pieced.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

4 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. Over 1,000 quilts?!?!?? Holy crud!! Your grandma had it goin’ on!!

    I am currently working on some “just square” quilts. They’re about as much as my patience can handle at this point in my life.

    Thanks for pinning some of my bloggy stuff, btw! You’re awesome! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the nice things you said. I’ve had one of those weeks too, and am just getting around to my WIP comments on Friday!

    I love my book–and so glad to see you are starting one of your own. I wish I’d started earlier, but there you go. That’s life.

    I think the aloha blocks/quilt is/are wonderful! What a great idea for a twist on fabrics. Sometimes I get so stuck in a rut–fun way to break out! And good luck and keep going on your block of the month quilt. Hey–we’ll all be older next year, and why not have a few blocks to show for that?

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