Why I Haven’t posted…


I haven’t posted because it turns out that no one IS pregnant forever, although by the time this little squish got here I had determined that I would in fact NEVER give birth. Six agonizing days past 40 weeks, this child came. Ugh.

But he came! And I bestowed his maze quilt upon him, and my awesome sister in law made the beautiful matching crib bumpers you see in the picture. Did you know that you can buy crib bumper forms? Wish I had known that my first time around.

His older brother has decided that he is okay, although he keeps calling the baby boy Eliza, which is actually a cousin’s name. You can also see from the picture that big brother is sharing his Buzz. That really means love.

Tired of Naked Dolls? Me, too.

Vidia and Rosetta

Do you ever get tired of naked dolls lying around your house? Me, too. My friend suggested the other day that nail polish could solve some of my woes, so Tinkerbell and her friends got camis. I find it strange that Disney can paint on some panties, but ignore other areas of concern for conservative parents like myself.

doll skirt 1

This is a cute retro bride doll my mom gave my daughter, and some small children in my house pretty much shredded her beautiful wedding gown. She is too anatomically correct to be leaving around on the ground. However, she was also a little tall to be curing with nail polish. So I made a quick spandex shirt, and a drawstring skirt.

doll skirt2

“Hello, My name is Susan, and I have recently left the nudist colony.”