Now Jenny Sews on Youtube!

Hey friends,

With the re-launch of my quilting services, I decided to make a few videos. So far I have a binding tutorial, and one about how to get your quilt ready for the long arm machine.  I have got a couple up, and a few more on the way. Have a look, and if you have any feedback or something you would like to see, or a question I can try to answer I would love it!

Jenny Sews on Youtube

One Darn Thing

dressI was feeling sorry for myself that I had not finished a darn thing all year, and then I remembered: I finished this peach dress! My brother Jesse got married in July, and I made that dress out of rayon. It breathed very nicely, and I loved the drape of it, but my baby son fell asleep in my arms and sweated all over it and wrinkled it almost to death later in the evening. I still love the dress. It is so nice to have an article of clothing that fits exactly the way you want it to, because you made it that way!

So I can’t say I haven’t finished a darn thing all year. I have. One darn thing.

PS, is my new sister in law not the most gorgeous creature? I am very fond of her.

A Little Link

I haven’t been doing much stitching, due to illness, pre-school co-op turns, and a variety of other reasons. But my aunt sent me a fun link I thought I ought to share. I don’t speak German, but it appears to be the site of a woman who crafts all sorts of clever things, from dolls to skirts.

I really like this page, with little crocheted picnic / tea sets.  There are also a lot of fun pages of bright, fun children’s clothes.

The best way to navigate is the side bar on the left, with tons of links to her interesting and colorful crafts.

She also has a blog, which is Greek to me, but full of fun pictures and wares!