Another Quiet Book Binding Variation

I am helping a friend from my exchange finish her quiet book, and we are binding this one without so much edge binding, and this time we used buttonholes. I think it is much more doable for people who do not have a thousand yards of leftover quilt binding to use up, as well as vast patience for binding.  Since this method is easier than my first one, I thought I would share.

quiet book binding

Here you can see that there is not much difference in the general appearance between this one and mine. The main differences are the pages. We put them right sides together, sewed around the edges, and clipped the corners, leaving an opening.

Then we turned the pages inside out, ironed the edges, and sewed up the opening.

Rather than the lengthy and troublesome grommet application, we marked and sewed buttonholes on these pages. My Bernina 230 PE, to which I may or may not have written a love letter at one point, has a function where I have to push the reverse button one time to show the machine the buttonhole length I want, and then it is programmed to repeat that exact buttonhole as many times as I want until I clear it. Oh Bernie, I love you.

This is the result:


quiet book binding2

We are still about a week away from total completion. I quilted the cover, added the strips to hold our rings, and traced the Quiet Book letters today, and next week we will iron them on and finish binding the outside. I am excited for hers to be complete. It is so fun to see how an identical exchange can result in books that are similar but different, almost like sister books.

I visited another friend today who is doing an exchange, and she had some fabulous pages. I wish I had my camera there. My favorite was probably the barrel of monkeys, with monkeys that hook arms cut out of craft foam. She also had a simple mitten page that reminded me of my childhood. It’s so fun to see these. They take me back to my childhood and I just want to play with them myself.

Binding my Quiet Book

Right now I am working on binding my book. I was going to sew the pages right-sides together and then turn them inside out, but someone mentioned using normal binding for them. I have so many scraps of binding, and I love scrappy-looking anything, so I am binding.

qb rings

I bought some 2″ book rings, and tent/tarp grommets, and went to work. I have a few notes for if I ever work with grommets again:

* The hole punch that came with my grommets didn’t work on a cutting mat, but a scrap of carpet or felt underneath helped it make a small cut. Then I used scissors to finish the hole.

* Hammer lightly at first, and be careful to hold the top applicator straight at a 90 degree angle. I hammered really hard at first, and the grommet edge cut the fabric edges around them. I recommend trying a few test ones before doing it on the actual product.

* Half inch grommets are pretty big, but for 12″ pages with brightly colored binding, it doesn’t look too bad. I would like to check a hardware store next time. I just ordered them on Amazon this time.

* If I make another book I might also try reinforced button holes. You sew the buttonhole like normal, except include a small piece of cord that gets sewn into the satin-stitched edge of the hole. I only know about these from the classes that came with my sewing machine. I love those Bernina people.