Finished Friday + WIP

yellow+gray quilt (4)

yellow+gray quilt (6)

yellow+gray quilt (1)

yellow+gray quilt (2)

yellow+gray quilt (3)

yellow+gray quilt (5)

I think I may not have posted about this quilt at all, because I only had time to sew or blog, and sewing won! My cousin picked these fabrics and mailed them to me, and I did the labor as a gift for her and her baby, due next month. I am proud that I finished this so far before the due date.

The pattern is “Off Track” by Allison at Cluck Cluck Sew. I received “Seville” for Christmas this year, though my husband forgot to give it to me under the tree. We found it in his sock drawer sometime in January, when I got out a stack of new fabric an needed something to do with it. That was when I remembered having seen the telltale envelope in early December and asked him whatever happened to it.

I love the colors my cousin chose. I think the fabric line is “Taza.” I wouldn’t normally have picked this palette, but I am really happy with it, and it has inspired me to think outside of my normal color box more often.

Seville is my current Work in Progress:


I have a couple of possible hacks for this pattern, but I am not sure if they are improvements or not, so I’ll wait to see how it progresses to post about it.