Quiet Book Exchange

Our deadline for the quiet book was Wednesday this week, so we got together at my house and exchanged.


Check out all of these awesome pages.




My husband thinks it would be amusing to cut little gray rectangles out of felt so that the truck could go on blocks, too, if we want, since the tires all come off the buttons and go in the pocket.


The laundry page was mine, as you may have noticed. I asked one of my friends to do the paper doll page so she could put the clothes in my basket, and I could make clothes that would be fun to play with on two different pages. I LOVE how this entire project turned out.

After everyone left, I went through my stack of pages and played with each one, and I had the most juvenile grin on my face. You couldn’t wipe my smile off with a whiny three-year-old. I have ordered grommets and book rings so I can bind it that way. Then I can unclip and let each kid have a few pages at a time. I am totally doing this again next year, though. I would love to have a book for each child, and this method would make it so attainable.

How to Weave Felt

I have taken a break from making my own quiet book, and I have joined a quiet book exchange. Each member makes 15 of a specific page. We all do a different page, and then exchange so we have a complete book. I love the efficiency of this method.

I am doing a laundry page with little clothespins, and a basket, and I am going to work with a friend who will do a felt doll page, and some of the clothes. I thought I would post the process of weaving the felt for the basket. I learned this trick from the pie-making page of my Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, so you can do this with felt, or pie crust.

basket weave (1)-web
Lay out your horizontal felt strips.
basket weave (2)-web
Place your first vertical strip underneath every alternating horizontal strip.
basket weave (3)-web

Now, fold back (to the left) the strips that are underneath your first vertical strip.

basket weave (4)-web

Then place your next vertical strip next to your first one, snugging it as close as you can.

basket weave (5)-web

Replace the strips you folded back earlier.

basket weave (6)-web

basket weave (7)-web

Now fold back the strips that are underneath vertical strip 2.

basket weave (8)-web

And place vertical strip 3.

basket weave (9)-web

Replace the horizontals again.

basket weave (10)-web


basket weave (11)-web


basket weave (12)-web


basket weave (13)-web


basket weave (14)-web

Stabilize with your best friend, Pellon.

basket weave (15)-web

And place on your page. (Or pie.) You did it! I’ll post a picture of my page when it is done. My mini-clothes pins are so cute. I can’t wait to make some little felt clothes to pin. You can get the pins on Amazon.com or from a craft store. The shipping on Amazon made them about twice as expensive as my local store, Roberts.

Quiet Book Start + Pinterest + A Finish

I have started a quiet book for my kids. I started simple, so I wouldn’t feel overwhelmed and could achieve a sense of accomplishment without actually doing very much.

denim pocket page

This denim pocket page will hold a notebook and pencil for little notes, and I was thinking it would be fun to put a mailbox page next to it, so the kids can write a note and then mail it.

I started a pinboard for quiet book pages, so if anyone has anything fabulous, shoot me a link. (stitchhack at gmail.com) If you are also a pinterest junkie, HERE is my slowly growing spectacular sewing page, too.

under the sea page 1

These fish and the seahorse will be for an Under the Sea themed page. The fish will have velcro. I am still brainstorming on whether there are other ways to make that page interactive or if I should just velcro it all.

flower pot hot pad

In very shocking news, I have actually, finally, miraculously Finished Something! This was actually a UFO for more than a year. When I was president of my local quilt guild I joined the state guild, which included a newsletter. There was a block of the month in the newsletter that included this paper pieced potted flower one month. I love paper piecing because of the scraps it uses up. (We won’t talk about all the wasting. No, we won’t.)

I decided not to make the whole quilt, but this block made a great casserole-size hot pad, which someone on my list has requested for Christmas.

It is so nice to start checking things off of my list this early. Last year my sister had a crazy, horrible accident late in September where she cut her fingers off, and gave birth at the end of the re-attachment surgery. She and I spent the rest of the year working on recovering as she took care of her newborn baby. Also, I was pregnant at the time. And Christmas just sort of took the back-burner, and then got burned on the stove, if we want to take the metaphor way too far.

Anyway, here is to a Happy Holiday Season to all this year!